Nathan Czaia

Meet Nathan Czaia

For Nathan, it’s all about family. And what’s more important to a family than their home?

As a father of five, Nathan knows how significant a role the home plays for a family, or anyone for that matter! Whether that means seeing how a triple bunk bed can make up for one less bedroom or increasing storage areas, he gets it!

Nathan’s love for real estate led to he and his wife, Maria, purchasing their first investment property in 2015. After the success of the first, they soon added another. As an investor, Nathan showed a savvy business sense and the ability to execute a vision, something he is sure to utilize as a realtor.

Nathan’s 12 years of clinical counseling has taught him to be a great listener. His keen insight into understanding others will give him the competitive edge to secure you the best deal possible.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home for you and your family or dip your toes into real estate investing, Nathan is your guy!